Sponsor a Student for only $63 a MONTH!!!

The KEF matches individual donors with needy Kenyan students who, without external support, would be unable to access high school in their own country.  Your KEF sponsorship lasts 4-years, covering grades 9-12 for a student in boarding school. You will receive letters from your student and photos of them throughout your sponsorship.

Sponsored students receive:

  • Room and board at school (both public and private schools in Kenya are boarding schools and cost roughly the same price)
  • Textbooks
  • School supplies
  • School uniforms and shoes
  • Field trips
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Mosquito nets to prevent malaria
  • Scientific calculator
  • Mentoring and Career Guidance Workshops

How does the KEF select students?

KEF scholarships are given on the basis of two major criteria: need & merit. Since 2001, the KEF has given more than a thousand needy Kenyan girls and boys scholarships to hundreds of different high schools scattered across Kenya. Our program is unique in that we reach students from all eight provinces of Kenya as well as a very diverse mix of ethnic communities.

KEF scholarship recipients range from urban slum-dwellers to rural nomadic families to refugees raised in Kenyan camps. A significant portion of our scholarship recipients represents the children of peasant farmers from across the county’s rural areas.  In all, we seek to increase access to education for Kenyans from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds.  As such we do not restrict scholarships to a particular city, town or ethnic group. Rather, we look for children who demonstrate a commitment to furthering their education as well as significant need.

The KEF strives to achieve gender parity in the awarding of our scholarships:

50% Girls
50% Boys



Red Rose Primary School – Kibera

Upon merging with the Children of Kibera Foundation in December 2013, KEF inherited their strong relationship with LitWorld and the Red Rose Primary School. 


  • KEF currently sponsors 60 students at Red Rose.
  • LitWorld provides quality literacy programming for Kibera’s youth.
  • KEF is the implementing partner for LitWorld’s work in Kenya, running 4 Girls LitClubs, 2 Boys LitClubs, 1 Moms LitClub and 19 Community Library programs which impact the larger Kibera community.